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Couples for Christ

This worldwide movement for family life is not established in the Diocese of Nelson at this time, but the benefits for enriched family life are being explored.  The Canadian part of the movement has a website: where additional information about goals of the organization and the branch organizations for kids, youth, singles, migrants, pro-life, the poor, etc. can be found.

CFC group with Bishop  L to R: Christina Putosek (CFC member pursuing religious vocation), Candy Subang (Singles for Christ), Miguel Javier (Youth for Christ), Bishop John Corriveau, Norma Borja (CFC Pro-life Coordinator, Migrants Coordinator, Handmaids of the Lord National Coordinator), Nick Borja (CFC Pastoral Formation National Coordinator)

Representatives of the movement, from the Vancouver Office of Couples for Christ, attended Priests' Study Days in March 2014 to familiarize diocesan priests and laity about the movement.  They offered three brochures which are available here:

Brochure 1: on the organization itself

Brochure 2: on the Gift of Life Ministry

Brochure 3: on Migrant Ministry


Diocesan Coordinator:  Fr. Neil Lustado:  Email

Deanery Coordinators: 

West Kootenay:  TBA

East Kootenay: TBA

North Okanagan:  Fr. Cerlouie Jimenez:  Email

South Okanagan: TBA

Nick and Norma Borja
Couples for Christ Office:  250-2981 Simpson Rd., Richmond BC V6X 2R2;   604-270-9463 Email 
Home: 414 – 8480 Granville Ave., Richmond BC  V6Y 4E8; 604-862-5387; Email