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Overview: Financial Support

Catherine Ryan Hyde’s book “Pay It Forward” (and the movie of the same name) made popular the notion of not paying “back” a favour, but rather paying it “forward” by doing a favour for others so that the favour grows exponentially.  From a Christian viewpoint, paying “back” is impossible; paying “forward” is a way to say thanks to the One who blesses us with life and all good things.

What is the “it” that one pays forward?  Certainly it is monetary, but it is also one’s education, one’s life understanding, one’s faith, one’s skills, one’s time and energy.  “It” is what has been gratefully received and cherished and tended responsibly, then shared in justice and love, mirroring the generosity which has been shown to us by the Giver of all gifts.

We share with our parish, our diocesan church and with those in need, at times putting paying “forward” ahead of “paying oneself”, a sign of faith and trust in God who looks after our needs.

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“Give for alms the things that are within.
(Luke 11:41)

The Church in America must incarnate in her pastoral initiatives the solidarity of the universal Church toward the poor and the outcast of every kind. Her attitude needs to be one of assistance, promotion, liberation and fraternal openness. The goal of the Church is to ensure that no one is marginalized. –

(John Paul II)