Safe Environment Office


The Safe Environment Office is responsible for administering the Diocesan Safe Environment Policy and the Workplace Bullying & Harassment Prevention Policy in cooperation with the pastors and the parish/school/organization Safe Environment Coordinators.


The purpose of the Safe Environment Policy is to eliminate abuse and harassment in the Diocese of Nelson.

All volunteers who work with children, youth and vulnerable adults and all Diocesan employees must:

  • provide a clean criminal record check every five years (scroll down for more information);
  • undergo formal instruction on and read the Safe Environment Policy (see your parish/school Safe Environment Coordinator);
  • complete the Safe Environment Application every five years; and
  • receive written approval from the Diocese.

Documents and Forms

Click on the following links to access the Safe Environment Policy documents and forms.

Volunteer Criminal Record Check

All Criminal Record Checks are  processed through the Safe Environment Office. Forms are completed at the requesting organization and are then returned to the Safe Environment Office for submission. Neither individuals nor offices, other than the SEO, may submit a request for a Criminal Record Check if using the CRRP form. This process is available for employees, as well as volunteers. There is a fee for this process.

Criminal Record Checks may be requested online at   This process, which is free to applicants, requires a code which is available from the Safe Environment Coordinator. This process is only available for school, parish and organizational volunteers.

Volunteers are still able to request a Criminal Record Check through their local RCMP detachment. This request must  include a Vulnerable Sector Check for children AND vulnerable adults. There is a fee for this process.

Employee Criminal Record Check

All school employees must complete an online criminal record check at the school.

All parish employees must provide a criminal record check by visiting the RCMP or local municipal police.

When you visit the RCMP or local municipal police, remember the following:

  • Visit the detachment in which you reside.
  • Request a vulnerable sector search. To ensure that this search is done, bring one of the following letters with you:
  • Bring two pieces of government issued ID.  Both IDs must contain your birth date.  One piece of ID must contain your photo.
  • Bring a method of payment (cash or debit).


In some cases, fingerprinting is required to complete the criminal record check (a fee will apply).  If you have been asked to go for fingerprints, contact the Safe Environment Office immediately (250-448-2725 or email).  The SEO will provide you with instructions and make a note on your file.

Fingerprints are used to confirm your identity when some of your personal information matches that of a pardoned sex offender.

The processing time for fingerprinting can be up to 22 weeks.  You will not be approved to work/volunteer in the Diocese until the final results of the criminal record check, including the fingerprinting, have been submitted to and reviewed by the Safe Environment Office.

Visiting Clergy and Religious Brothers and Sisters

Please submit the following forms to the Safe Environment Office before you arrive in the Diocese:

Disclosure Form 2 - To be completed by the visitor

Disclosure Form 3 - To be completed by the visitor's Bishop or Religious Superior

Visiting Clergy and Religious brothers and sisters must receive written approval from the Diocese of Nelson before they minister.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy

The Diocese of Nelson is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment where people are treated, and treat each other, professionally and respectfully in their interactions and where the dignity of all individuals is upheld.

Documents and Forms

Training Videos

Follow this procedure when using the online training videos:

  1. The Pastor, Principal or Safe Environment Coordinator schedules a meeting with the applicant at the parish/school.
  2. The Pastor, Principal or Safe Environment Coordinator enters the password. Do not give the password to the applicant.
  3. The applicant watches the entire video in the presence of the Pastor, Principal or Safe Environment Coordinator – no fast-forwarding or stopping it early.
  4. The Pastor, Principal or Safe Environment Coordinator who supervised the training signs the confirmation of training and mails the original form to the Safe Environment Office.

Safe Environment Policy Training Video - 46 minutes
Updated Information:  To report suspected abuse or neglect, phone 1-800-663-9122 at any time of the day or night.  Children or Youth may call the Helpline for Children at 310-1234 at any time.

Respectful Workplace Training Video  - 37 minutes
(Workplace Bullying & Harassment Prevention)


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Contact Information

Safe Environment Office
Catholic Pastoral Centre
3665 Benvoulin Road
Kelowna BC V1W 4M7
Phone: 250-448-2725 ext 225
Fax: 1-866-964-3858 or 250-869-8697

Director of the Safe Environment Office
Rev. Jim McHugh

Diocesan Safe Environment Office
Heather Currens