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Financial Administration Personnel

Cece Sinotte, Diocesan Financial Administrator - 250-448-2725  ext. 230, Email

Dinah Bepple, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, Accounting Department - 250-448-2725  ext. 250, Email

Roland Krasznai, Accounting Assistant - 250-448-2725  ext. 260, Email

Heather Wipfli, Appeals and Special Projects Coordinator - 250-448-2725  ext. 240, Email


Team Viewer Help

Do you have problems with your financial software or diocesan financial procedures?

Members of the Financial Administration Team are able to help you,
though the use of Team Viewer software.

First, give them a call, so that you both can assess if Team Viewer can be of help.

Then, follow their instructions.

If you decide to use Team Viewer, while you are on the phone,
they will instruct you to click on this link
to open up the Team Viewer Quick Support window.

The Financial Administration Team member will walk you through a process
that will allow them to connect to your computer
so that both you and they can see what’s going on.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it will solve your problems!


Financial Forms & Policy

The Financial Administration Office offers a number of forms for the use of parishes. 
Click on the links below to open the forms.


Property Insurance Documents

Arson Risk Management

Protecting church property is important to everyone in a parish.  Here are two documents from Diocesan insurance companies that can assist your effort.  Before you lock the building door, here is a short checklist of reminders for those with care of property.   Fire is devastating if accidental - tragic if intentional.  A Risk Management Manual for Arson can help you minimize your risk.

Diocesan Self-Insurance

The Diocesan Self-Insurance Claim Form can be found here:

Alcohol Liability Insurance

The Party Alcohol Liability Application, covered through Capri Insurance Services Ltd. can be found here: