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Sunset Wave Mosaic (cropped) by Julie Aldridge

Sunset Wave Mosaic (published with the permission of the artist, Julie Aldridge)

"The Spirit loves us and knows everyone’s place in the grand scheme of things: for him, we are not bits of confetti blown about by the wind, rather we are irreplaceable fragments in his mosaic."


The Homily of His Holiness Pope Francis, Solemnity of Pentecost, May 31, 2020



Winds of change and unrest seem to be blowing about the globe these days.  We may be tempted to pull into our self-isolated shells and attempt to wait out the storm alone, but to do this would deny the unity and interdependence of all, established by God and sustained in the Holy Spirit.  Instead, we can find solace and direction in these words of our Holy Father this Pentecost ...  find the full text here.

Pope Francis goes on to say,

"We might think that what unite us are our beliefs and morality.  But there is much more: our principle of unity is the Holy Spirit.  He reminds us that first of all we are God’s beloved children; all equal, in this respect, and all different.

As we attempt to grow in faith, and help others on their journey too, how wonderful to know we are not striving to summit some distant mountaintop where God waits only for the worthy.  Rather, we are all called by name and justified through Christ in the plan God has for each of us. God descends from the heights to walk beside us, and delivers us into the loving embrace of the Holy Spirit, urging us always to greater respect, appreciation, and love of each other and all of God’s creation.

Try creating a mosaic of your own with materials you find in your home or in nature.  Contemplate how each of these materials may be connected to the other.  How can we intentionally foster this sense of unity in diversity in our homes, parishes, and communities?

For in one Spirit, we were all baptized into one body (1 Corinthians 12:13)



Celebrating Sundays with young children at home?
Try Worship@Home from the Pastoral Center at
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Learn to pray the Rosary or try a new meditation. 
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If you're thinking of volunteering as a catechist, starting a small group study in your parish (Sycamore is offering their small group study by donation for the next six months at Sycamore Small Group Study), or just need some ideas, contact your parish religious education coordinator or the diocesan Office of Faith Formation.  We're here to help! 
Have you considered these new studies for your adult faith formation group?
Metanoia is a beautiful walk through the Holy Land to encounter Christ and his compelling invitation to us.  Produced by the same group as The Wild Goose is Loose, these videos and accompanying guides are offered freely online by donation.  The first episode will be released February 3 with the 10 sessions timed to conclude at Easter.
The 99 includes both a three 90-minute session "Experience" and a 6 theme series "Master Class".  Purchase from Loaves & Fishes or directly from Ascension Press (shipping from U.S. required). Nelson Diocese parishes may contact the Pastoral Centre to borrow from the library.
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