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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Struggling with those resolutions now that the new year is here?  For a Catholic perspective, try this 7-minute video with Fr. Mike.
Ever start the new year training with a running group?  We don't start training for a marathon by running for 6 hours.  New runners start this journey minute-by-minute.  If you long for a deeper connection with God this year, try listening to Fr. Mark Mary below as he describes his suggestion for a 4-Step Spiritual Training Plan.
If you missed our previous video selections, visit the Faith Formation Videos page.
If you're thinking of volunteering as a catechist, starting a small group study in your parish, or just need some ideas, contact your parish religious education coordinator or the diocesan Office of Faith Formation.  We're here to help! 
For fun facts about your faith and this Sunday's Gospel, check out our Community Weekly
Each weekly contains an activity families can complete with their children or grandchildren, and a reflection question suitable for the drive to school or work. 
As children seek to better know and understand God through reflection or activity, allow them freedom to find Him in their own way. Instead of judging their reflections with a "good job" or "try again", try affirming their seeking with "I wonder ...".
We've suspended new weeklies for now.  In the meantime, have a look at these first issues and let us know what you think.
Be a Mr. Jensen
4 Step Spiritual Training Plan
For descriptions and links to these short videos and others, visit Videos at Faith Formation.