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Who do you say that I am?

(Matthew 16:15)

Foundations of the Catholic Faith is a collection of guiding principles, learning outcomes, and methodologies assembled by the Catholic school superintendents and diocesan RE directors in 2008 at the direction of bishops from all five dioceses in British Columbia.

FOTCF sets out the minimum acceptable requirements for Catholic school educator orientation, and aims to form in both catechists and religious educators a broad understanding of the Catholic faith so essential to every Catholic, and especially as the foundation for ongoing growth and spirituality in any teaching vocation.

Each diocese provides this orientation in harmony with the needs, resources, and culture of their schools and parishes. In Nelson Diocese, the program for Foundations certification is known as CORNERSTONE.

CORNERSTONE provides a broad foundation of faith aimed at personal spirituality and future growth. This orientation is ideal for all adult Catholics who wish to either introduce themselves to an adult understanding of the Catholic faith, or perhaps fill in the gaps or identify misconceptions which may have crept into their understanding over time.

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