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Experience the beauty and joy of the Easter Vigil Mass!

See this video for an introduction to the movement and symbols of the Easter Vigil liturgy.

If you're taking the family to experience Easter Vigil, try these great tips from Peanut Butter & Grace to prepare children (and parents!) to enjoy the celebration.  Another great site for Catholic families.


Try 25 Great Things You Can Do For Lent or, from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Living Lent, a great resource on the history and purpose of this season, with 10 ideas for a meaningful Easter preparation. 

For fun facts about your faith and this Sunday's Gospel, check out our Community Weekly
Each weekly contains an activity families can complete with their children or grandchildren, and a reflection question suitable for the drive to school or work. 
As children seek to better know and understand God through reflection or activity, consider allowing them the freedom to find Him in their own way. Instead of "right" or "wrong", try affirming their seeking with "I wonder ...".
A few ideas for busy families from Cat Chat at 20 Creative things to do with your family during Lent.  This family's music can be a great addition to a parent or catechist tool kit for young children.
For a note from Fr. David about Choosing a Positive Lenten Observance, visit Pastors Corner.