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Yvonne Valiant


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Lorraine Witzel


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As we approach the end of the Easter season, we prepare to celebrate Pentecost!

Many of the confirmandi in our diocese have already celebrated their Rite of Confirmation, but Pentecost is another special time for these recently initiated Catholics - Pentecost is the very first Confirmation!
On Pentecost Sunday, we huddle with the apostles in our locked room, waiting for the coming of the Advocate. Veni Sancte Spiritus!
Veni Sancte Spiritus is a traditional Catholic hymn of worship and adoration, a prayer sung to implore the Holy Spirit to come. Follow this link for the Gregorian chant with both Latin and English translation.
For fun facts about your faith and this Sunday's Gospel, check out our Community Weekly
Each weekly contains an activity families can complete with their children or grandchildren, and a reflection question suitable for the drive to school or work. 
As children seek to better know and understand God through reflection or activity, consider allowing them the freedom to find Him in their own way. Instead of "right" or "wrong", try affirming their seeking with "I wonder ...".
For descriptions and links to these short videos and others, visit Videos at Faith Formation.