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Cursillo is a Spanish word (pronounced "kur-see-yo") which means a short course in Christian living. The purpose of Cursillo is to present a method of living as a Christian in the world. It also provides a method for continual, personal spiritual growth. A Cursillo is an encounter with Christ and an experience during which the participants live and learn that which is fundamental to being a Christian. 

The Cursillo weekend normally starts on Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. and ends Sunday at 7:00 p.m. If it is scheduled for a holiday weekend, it may run from Friday evening to Monday afternoon. It is a live-in weekend, and candidates are expected to attend the complete course. The spirit of the weekend focuses entirely on the teachings of Jesus Christ and is designed to help you come to a fresh awareness of the ways in which you can live out your baptism. Participants worship together, live together and hear talks on the meaning of life in Christ and how one can more fully live in Him in today's world.

The weekend includes fourteen talks. (Ideal  -Grace - Laity -  Faith -  Piety  -  Study -  Sacraments -  Action -  Obstacles to a Life of Grace -  Leaders -  The Study and Evangelization of Environments  -  Christian Life -  Christian Community  -  Group Reunion - and Ultreya)   Although the titles of the talks may be familiar, the definitions taught on the weekend may be new to many participants.  Each talk is followed by a discussion with a small group.

The Cursillo weekend is open to all adults who are ready for a learning and growing experience attained through worship, study, fellowship, and personal reflection.  Men's and women's weekends are held separately. Married couples are encouraged to attend their respective weekends.  Each candidate requires a sponsor who has attended a weekend. Candidates are encouraged to advise their church community that they plan on making a weekend to support them with their prayers.  Applications for Cursillo weekends are available from Gerry Fee (Email)  and also from many members of the Cursillo community.

The Cursillo weekend takes place at Seton House of Prayer on Chute lake Road. The candidates share a bedroom and bathroom with up to two other people. The facilities are not luxurious, but the warmth, the fellowship, and the spirit of the Cursillo makes the weekend both joyful and rewarding. Further support and opportunities for spiritual growth and development are available following the weekend.

There is no set fee for a Cursillo weekend. Your weekend will already have been paid for by the generosity of those who have attended previous Cursillo weekends. You, likewise, will be given the opportunity on the weekend to be generous to those who wish to make a Cursillo weekend in the future. All donations are confidential and are acknowledged with a tax deductible receipt.

Cursillo is recognized as a tool for renewal in many Catholic Dioceses in Canada, and the Cursillo method is used in parishes and church communities from St. Johns to Victoria. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Cursillos (CCCC) acts as liaison with the Church and Cursillo communities across Canada. The CCCC website is

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Throughout the history of the Church, the Holy Spirit has continually raised up ecclesial movements and associations as instruments in the Church for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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