Jesus says, “Let the children come to me.
(Luke 18:15)

The presence of the Church in the field of education is wonderfully manifested in the vast and dynamic network of schools and educational programs extending from the preschool through the adult years. The entire ecclesial community is called to value ever more deeply the importance of this task and mission, and to continue to give, it full and enthusiastic support.

(John Paul II)






Prayer of the Graduate

Lord, thanks for the marvelous life you are offering to me and the other graduates.
Bless all who are surrounding us with love and care, leading us to this great appointment.
Lord, I believe that you have a plan for my life.
Send the Holy Spirit to guide me in choosing the career you have chosen for me.
Place in me a loving heart for all the events and days of my life.
Lord, keep me close to you always.  I believe in your great love for me and all people.

- Fr. Harry Clarke


Catholic Schools

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Catholic education has a long and honourable history in the Diocese of Nelson. The beginnings of St. Joseph School in Nelson go back to about 1900, with tentative beginnings for St. Mary’s in Cranbrook around 1913 (with rebirth again in the 1960’s)  By 1938, St. Joseph School had begun in Kelowna, and in 1953, St. Michael’s in Trail.  Immaculata High School began in 1960, and the latest, Our Lady of Lourdes, Westbank beginning in 1994.  Each of these schools has their own unique way of expressing the fundamental values of Catholic education.  Visit their websites and catch the spirit!

The Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese  is the umbrella organization for diocesan schools.  It is a member organization of the Catholic Independent Schools of British Columbia, and is legally incorporated as the Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese Society.


St. Joseph School – Nelson  
St. Michael's School – Trail 
St. Joseph School – Kelowna     
Immaculata Regional High School – Kelowna
St.Mary's School – Cranbrook   
Holy Cross School – Penticton   
Our Lady Of Lourdes – West Kelowna   


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