All Israel was listed in the genealogies recorded in the book of the kings of Israel.
(1 Chronicles 9:1)

(In these artifacts, Christ) is surrounded by the faces of men and women, the elderly and children. They are the pilgrim People of God; they are the Church, the "spiritual building" made of living stones that adhere to Christ.

(John Paul II)

The Diocese of Nelson

Diocesan Statistics and Directory

The full Directory of the Diocese of Nelson in pdf format is available on request. (Turn on JavaScript!) Please indicate your parish or diocesan connection and your reason for your request.  The Directory is not available to commercial or similar entities.


Statistics – Diocese of Nelson - 2018

Bishop - 1
Bishop Emeritus - 2
Active Diocesan Priests - 20
Active Religious Priests - 2
Retired Priests - 9
Seminarians - 2
Deacons - 0
Religious Sisters - 4
Parishes with Resident Pastors - 26
Catholic Schools - 7
Catholic population - 78,000
Deaneries - 4

For more information, contact the diocesan Archives or Bishop’s Office.